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Paragon Design, 15 Oxford Lane, Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

Graphic design, brochure design, flyers and posters

We have a huge amount of experience in design for print and a large and varied portfolio of brochure designs. We also also have designed a huge variety of A4 brochure reports and annual reports. Whilst a lot of product brochures are now online nothing beats the tactile feel of a good brochure design particularly when you are at an exhibition, PR event or a trade conference . It allows the viewer instant access to VISUAL information and there is something much more solid and truthful about a good brochure design. Brochure design also allows the colours to be printed and represented far more accurately. Whilst prices can be changed online at the flick of a button, you can use a A4 interlocking folder brochure design with A4 inserts that can be changed as your needs change.  We also have access to trade printers with a huge amount of printing experience to suit any job, shape or size.

Why choose Paragon to design your brochure?

We’re good at brochure design, we’ve 25 years of experience

We’ve a good proofing system and and the colours are accurate.

We’re on budget if your stick to plan.

We also can produce complicated finished artwork for outsize brochure designs

We've a range of different paper qualities to choose from for your finished brochure.

With our printers we can also plan various trim and laminated brochure finishes.

We can also illustrate various products or use computer generated images for your brochure layout

We can introduce you to various trade printers and oversee the printing process for you.