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Paragon Design, 15 Oxford Lane, Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

" Welcome to my painting and Illustration Art work"

I always have new work in progress and can be contacted via this website.  See contacts page for information about where I am exhibiting throughout the year. Private commissions are always welcome and comissioning a painting is not as expensive as you may think . Call me if you want to purcahse or commission a painting. I can be contacted via this website on 086 8120910 or email:

This website shows a selection only ( Click image below to view the work ) . 

I originally went to college in DIT and became a Graphic Designer. I then worked for 14 years in both Advertising and design and set up my own design studio, Paragon Design in 1997. For the next two decades the company grew and won many design awards in both design and advertising. Throughout this period, even though computers were rapidly taking over design I always kept my hand in painting and illustrating. I returned to Art College in NCAD in the evenings to study painting and fine art.  Paragon success has given me the freedom to allow me to paint 3 days a week  from my studio, which is where apart from a golf course or horse riding I am most happy.

I work mostly work in oils and watercolour, but I like to experiment to keep my work fresh so use different media often on the same painting.  My style is developing into a loose more contemporary approach. I love landscapes  and I try to paint the atmosphere more than the detail particularly the sky in Golf and horse scenes.   I like the fluidity and instinctive movement which comes from using paint which can not be achieved using photography .