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Retail Display and Merchandising


The retail Display and Merchandising service is looked after by Karen Sloan. Karen is a DIT retail display graduate with over 30 years of experience in both retail display, retail concepts, retail lecturing, and retail merchandising.  She is well known for her detailed bespoke props made to the highest professional services. Karen has a wealth of retail experience so when she designs a shop's merchandising structure she ensures it is both ascetically pleasing and functional. A functional display is a very important part of her concept work as it allows the staff to display and replenish stock effectively ensuring the retail environment functions seamlessly.

Professional Windows displays, 



Shopping centers,

Hotels, Bars,

P.R. launches.

Summer, Autumn, 

Halloween, Christmas, 

Valentine's day, 

Easter, Mother’s / Father’s day,  

Bespoke props designed and made to order