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What is an online messaging? Online digital messaging is basically the same as a traditional print campaign but it means your marketing messages are accessible Online.  Unlike traditional press campaigns it is highly interactive and the products or services can be sold or accessed instantly by a simple click prompted by a call to action. However, most importantly is still requires a creative, clever campaign to catch the eye. Paragon has over 20 years of adverting experience  and can devise and art direct a clever visual campaign for you. Once we design the campaign it can be built and sent out as revolving banner ads on your website. It can also be part of an Ezine and Facebook campaign or used on pop up banner ads.

1. Examine all Online activity

2. Carry out private SEO viewings (non memory cached SEO reports) to see where you are ranked and where your competition is ranked.

3 . Devise concepts for a digital campaign, strategy and Online marketing.

4. Upgrade to WordPress websites and develop new SEO reports.

5. Build E-zine graphics and apply online messaging graphics to the banners and other key visual areas on the websites

6. Introduce the same online campaign/messaging to various social media sites e.g. Facebook, Youtube, etc.

7. Monitor progress through monthly SEO reports and update SEO data through the CMS system.