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Paragon Design, 15 Oxford Lane, Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

Dublin Web design, apps and web development

Based  in Ranelagh Dublin 6, web design and brand development is one of our key  areas. We have a website design solution for every one's budget, which ranges from template web designs to bespoke custom built web designs. Our programmers and developers are highly experienced in all aspects of webdesign and we also have additional  skills in SEO . SEO, search engine optimisation is process used to get your site to climb to the Google rankings organically without having to pay for adwords.

We also include training in all our easy to use web designs and additional classes if required. Another service paragon can offer is the ability to look after your digital online marketing and can produce new banner heads and e-zines if required. Paragon can also make any web updates you require and can add and develop you website as your needs grow.

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Click to see web branding and identity project

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Mobile Friendly Web Design

  • We are have a huge amount of experience in WordPress web design and in designing your logo as well as in implementing your branding.
  • We are experts in Web SEO Search engine optimisation ( climb the goggle rankings to No.1 )
  • We can build WordPress template web designs or bespoke web designs to your exact layout and requirements, e-commerce sites, news and app designs.
  • All our websites are easy to use. Within 15 mins we can teach you how to change text and update pictures.
  • If you want to expand the website you can come back to us at any time in the future... or if you need digital marketing, just give us a call.
  • We are based in Ranelagh, Dublin 6 with over 20 award winning years designing logos branding and websites. We also have another office situated in Balrath, Co Meath.
  • We can register your name and host your site if required