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Strapping for packaging, timber palettes and secure delivery.

Strapping is the most practical invention since mail order has existed. It stabilises large cardboard boxes and ensures pallet goods stay in place, without requiring a lot of effort to apply.

We supply state of the art strap products to meet your packaging and identification needs including: plastic strap, polyester and polypropylene strapping
PP-Strap is available in widths of 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm & 16 mm,

Our packaging offer printed strap for displaying company name and logo on polypropylene strap or band. Printed strap can be used in the food industry such as meat and fish to display the producer information on the strap to save applying additional labelling to packages.


Our High-Performance polyester material is designed to offer higher levels of retained strap tension and higher breaking strengths than polypropylene strapping. … It is easily applied by power  equipment or hand tools

polyester strap cannot be affected by corrosion or rust and is therefore the ideal material to replace steel strap or band.
polyester strap or banding is available in widths of 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm


We offer a complete range of steel strap for strapping of products.

Whether you are using hand-tools or fully automatic steel strapping machines, our steel strap is excellent for securing, protecting and presenting your products.

Our steel strap is available is the following strap widths:
13mm; 16mm; 19mm; 25mm; 32mm
And the following thicknesses of steel strap:
0.4mm; 0.5mm; 0.6mm; 0.7mm; 0.8mm
Our steel strapping is finished in the following finishes:
zinc rich -painted

The coils are available in either oscillated steel strap coils of approximately 50kg each, or ribbon wound steel strap coils.

We supply a large amount of hand and machine strap products to all industries throughout Ireland and the UK

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