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Branding company that takes you to the next level

Paragon design has over 25 years experience in all aspects of branding design, for small start ups, SME'S right through to large corporate companies. We design original bespoke branding that will project a professional image that will get your company noticed and stand out from the crowd. 

Our branding design process is based on 3 simple stages.

1. Firstly we listening to you the client and develop a brief.  From there we design a series of concept logo designs for you to choose from.
2 . Once the logo is approved we design a set of identity guidelines that will ensure consistency across all your promotional  requirements.
3. We then apply the new approved logo design using the approved branding guidelines onto company stationery, signage, van designs, web design style sheets, advertising and marketing printed material.

In short our branding design process is based on 3 simple stages

1. Listening to you the client and setting a very specific brief.
2 . Tone of the Logo design and brand - so the brand stands out and catches the eye of your target market
3. A well thought through promoitonal branding process to bring in new business.

Listening to you the client.

Every job is different so every design has it's own unique solution. Some  projects are refresh designs of an existing logo others are a total re design, but each job is given time and the serious consideration it deserves. We also present a series of logo designs , each with a different thought process so it gives you the client " A choice ".

Tone of the logo.

When we present our designs you will have a choice of branding projects to choose form . Each logo design will have a different thought process bust based on specific targeted brief. This will allows you to consider a variety of approaches, rule out certain routes and be surprised by designs you had not thought about. The end process is to make sure you have seen a variety of approaches and have got the best possible branding communication for your company.

A well thought through promotional branding process to bring in new business.

Paragon design is not only a branding design company but also a very experienced web design and development company. Of course we also design the new branding logo guidelines, print promotional items, van design and signage and other visual communication you require but we can also develop you web and digital strategy. Ultimately Paragon design, has all your branding design services under one roof to make your project original, creative and impactive.