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Irish health oils pack design

The packaging was designed so it had a contemporary image. It was important that the pack design stood out form the crowd and had it's own distinctive branding.


7 good reasons to use Paragon for your Packaging design requirements.

  1. We’re good, and we’ve 25 years of experience designing labels and packs
  2. We’re do our research, so we now what USP'S to push and avoid.
  3. We’re on budget if your stick to plan.
  4. We get the tone right and create you your own distinctive brand
  5. Before we go to print we mock up 3d packs to see how the final pack stands up on the shelf against its competitors
  6. We source the right finish to your pack design
  7. If you need a e-commerce web design we can also build you a website to sell your product online.