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The El Comandante Branding is designed to be a simple contemporary design so it stands out from the more traditional French Chateau labels. The crossed swords on the left reflect the wine's old links with the military and the brand's name, but the strong distinctive typography gives it a very contemporary branding tone.


One of the key advantages of using Paragon to design your packaging is our expertise in logo design and branding. In the majority of packaging design a logo or brand icon is the key symbol in the hierarchy of a label or pack design. It can be a single colour or image that separates your products from the competition but the majority of good packaging design stems from a masthead logos with a descriptor below .

Good photography can be used on packaging design but it is largely the use of strong graphics and strong logo branding that is the true essence of good packaging and branding design.

1.  Visit stores and access competitor branding design.

2.  Design  packaging branding concepts.

3.  Design pack design graphics and branding.

4.  Present client with rough pack design mock ups.

5.  Make final alterations to pack design branding. If possible mock up final design and see how it looks on the shelf in a retail environment and make further pack design and branding design alterations if required.

6.  Decide on  paper, plastic wrap, seals, cuts, and foiling for pack printing.

7.   Liaise with packaging printer and produce final artwork for printer of chosen pack design.