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Versatile group branding, web design and branding project

The Versatile Group approached us to redesign their websites and develop a digital strategy along side a SEO programme to help them climb the Google rankings. We started by accessing their marketing strategy and developing their digital marketing and SEO tactics. Once we agreed what search words were required to climb the Google rankings we built the website designs and linked them together. By linking them together the viewer felt he or she was on one site but in actual fact he was surfing from one site to another because we created a digital strategy. This enabled Versatile Heating to bounce off Versatile bathrooms and visa-versa to create generate more business.
To enhance the visual appearance of the websites, we resigned a sort of umbrella branding identity which could be translated into the Heating division, Bathrooms, Tiles and Commercial Sanitary ware. We also designed a marketing and advertising campaign to raise their profile and then created a over all brochure to explain the various divisions of the Versatile group.

Other web design services
Web design, build and development.

Easy to use CMS systems, training and back up.

E-commerce, filtering, payment and invoicing.

Social media integration.

Web support and on-going maintenance.

Web SEO (search engine optimisation)  to climb the Goggle rankings.

Web and digital marketing - re-skins/branding.

Web e-zines.

Web strategy and digital marketing.

Logo design and branding.

Branding design and brochure design.