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Archive for December 2016

Ikea logo uprade

Ikea logo

Considering how clever Ikea has been with self assembly furniture you would think they would have spent a bit more time on there logo. There can be no excuses here the company throughout its years of growth should have addressed this problem along time ago. Whilst they are successfull i would think that this bad…

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Why Coke revamped its brand identity and packaging

Coca Cola branding

Coke is rolling out its new ‘one brand’ packaging design across all its cans and bottles in Australia this month almost a year to the day after announcing the biggest marketing overhaul in its history.Speaking at an event in Sydney today, Coca-Cola’s James Sommerville, vice president of global design and the architect of the design,…

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Why the Brennan’s Logo is more than just a logo!


We’ve grown up with it as Today’s bread today. That distinctive yellow packaging has guided many of our sub concious visual memory to grab that product off the shelf with its resasurring logo in red. But like Coca Cola and After eights it is the brand name that is the biggest image on the pack.…

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