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If it ain’t broke why fix it, new AIB logo.

I remember the old AIB logo of the Mercedes style A in a circle. I also remember the anger it caused among the Irish graphic design community for using a UK based design company to design the new logo. It was felt at the time an Irish design company would not have the experience to carry out such a large corporate identity commission. Utter madness , however it was colourfull and did stand the test of time and did not really need to be revamped. I presume because of the banks failing it was considered unwise to rebrand it and spend a small fortune in the process. However I am sure the PR department managed to persuade  the powers that be, to make subtle changes to it. But does it work. Well yes it does on one level, in that it has removed the old colourful logo, and is some way  it is even better. It's not wildly creative ,but I cant  imagine what else they could have done under the watchfull eye of their new the people.

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